The Hawthorns Clevedon, The Hawthorns Clevedon, Somerset

Hawthorns Clevedon Harvest Festival

As summer becomes autumn, leaves begin to crisp and fall from the trees, and cold weather takes its toll. A time celebrated since pagan times; the annual Harvest Festival presents an opportunity for the Hawthorns Communities to help those in need that struggle to provide food for their families.

Throughout September and October, residents, staff and relatives at the Hawthorns Clevedon kindly donated an overwhelming collection of food and household essentials to the Clevedon and District Foodbank. A charity that Hawthorns Clevedon has long supported, the Clevedon-based foodbank’s goal is to stop hunger in the local area.

On 21st October, the community held their Harvest Festival service, where representatives from Clevedon and District Foodbank had an informative talk for residents about the work they do. They were later presented with generous donations, which he was very grateful to receive.

Speaking about the day, Customer Service Manager Aggie Jasinski said, “We are so pleased with our Harvest Festival donations and the support our community has given towards this fantastic charity. We hope our collection will help tackle hunger in our local community.”

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