Got a Question?

Here are some answers.....

Q. Do you offer personal care?

A. No we don’t, The Hawthorns are independent retirement living residencies, should your needs change during your stay with us, independent 3rd party service can be arranged by yourselves.

Q. What happens if I’m not well enough to carry on at The Hawthorns?

A. We will discuss your concerns with you at this time and liaise with all relevant individuals. As you are renting your apartment, you only need give 30 day’s written notice and do not have to go through all the stress and worry of selling a home

Q. How old do you have to be?

A. There is no age restriction. Most of residents are between the ages of 65 and 75 but equally we have many who are 75 and above.

We are also home to many couples, who fit nicely into some of our larger apartments.

Q. What assistance is on offer?

A. Our retirement apartments do not provide for care requirements so residents are required to dress themselves and to be able to attend mealtimes without the assistance of any third parties.

Our managers and staff are always on hand to assist our residents with organisational requirements, such as booking taxi’s or obtaining information about local amenities or events but each individual at The Hawthorns is required to be able to look after themselves.

Q. How do mealtimes work?

A. At over 100 covers, each meal time is a busy affair. A choice menu is on offer with each meal with lunch being the main meal of the day. Breakfast is served with an option of continental or full English and supper offers a lighter option. It’s a great way of meeting new residents.

You may also dine in the privacy of your room if you wish and there is also private dining space for special occasions.

Q. Can I bring my cat or a dog?

A. We appreciate the importance of pets as companions. Residents are permitted to bring a cat, small dog or caged bird and keep the pet in their apartment with the consent of the Managers. The exceptions are reptiles, insects and big dogs. Consent may be revoked if the health of other residents may be affected (e.g. by asthma), if there are complaints about the pet or if you are unable to take proper care or clean up after it.

Pets are not allowed in the Dining Room, Coffee Lounge or any other place where food is prepared or served. The animal should be kept in your apartment and must be on the leash when you traverse through any Hawthorns grounds and/or building.

Q. Is the property furnished?

A. All properties include fitted carpets, curtains as well as ceiling lights. You bring your own furniture, personal belongings and keepsakes. The apartment is your home and you can furnish it to your own taste. We can provide bed linen and towels and will launder and replace these weekly as part of the monthly fee.

Q. Can my friends & family come and stay and what are the costs?

A. Your apartment is your home, and visitors can stay with you at any time at no cost for up to 14 nights. They are welcome to eat in the dining room for a small fee. Our Guest Suite is also available for short stays (typically no longer than three nights). The rate includes breakfast. Please contact the General Manager locally for more information.

Q. How soon can I move in?

A. If an apartment is available you can move in immediately. As you are renting the property you do not have to go through any legal process which takes time and costs money. If you do not need the money from the sale of your property, you can move in within days of deciding.

Q. Can my friends eat here?

A. The Hawthorns is your home, and we welcome your friends and family to visit and dine along with you and the other residents for a small charge. They are also welcome to attend events and functions held at the Hawthorns, and our private dining room is available for you to book for special occasions. Please contact the General Manager locally for more information.

Q. Can I have my own cleaner?

A. Each week your apartment will be cleaned as part of the monthly fee. This cleaning should be sufficient for most Residents. Every 12 months carpet and curtain cleaning is carried out on all apartments.

Q. What happens if I run out of money?

A. If you feel this may occur, then the earlier you advise the Managers the more they can help. There are various things that can be done, such as moving to a smaller apartment to reduce the monthly fee or signposting you to professional financial advice.

Outside agencies and charities can also provide help and support and can advise on benefits and allowances to which you may be entitled. However, should the situation not be resolved, then moving out of the Hawthorns is a very easy process as you do not have the problems associated with selling a property.

Q. Can I change the carpets, curtains or wallpaper?

A. Residents are not permitted to change the carpets or curtains. All apartments are fully carpeted and curtained. Residents may wish to have additional curtains hanging on the inside of the white curtains provided. No change can be made to the colour of the walls without prior consultation.

Q. When can I use the Coffee Lounge?

A. The Coffee Lounge is open at all times. It is an important meeting place for the Residents, visitors and guests. Fresh coffee, tea, fruit, cookies or cakes are available for you and your visitors to enjoy. Selected newspapers (both national and local) are also available for the use of all residents and their visitors.

Board games, playing cards and puzzles are provided in the Coffee Lounge. The Coffee Lounge is also used for talks on subjects of interest by local people.

Q. Can I bring my own car?

A. You are welcome to bring your own car and many of our Residents do. There are car parking spaces available for you. However, as we have a free of charge mini bus that takes Residents to the shopping areas, doctor’s visits as well as many days out touring, many Residents give up their car after a while.