It's Your Well-being...

We aim to provide every resident with a balanced lifestyle

Find Your Own Balance

One of the objectives of The Hawthorns Group of independent senior living communities is to help our residents ‘stay fitter and healthier for longer’ – to maintain their independence and ability to continue to engage in their chosen retirement lifestyle. We have found it helpful that residents are able to chart their progress in their overall sense of well-being and so we created a model that incorporated a single outcome measure that combined the three major aspects of physical, psychological and social well-being.

Now in its third year of development, The Hawthorns model details the concept of well-being and provides a structure to demonstrate and explain how well-being can enhance our residents’ quality of life, with the measure identifying any areas for improvement to help improve a resident’s overall sense of well-being.

Whilst still independent, residents living in our retirement communities may still require some level of help to successfully engage in their chosen activities; therefore, in order to identify the most appropriate and effective level of assistance for each individual, the measure provides a score for each aspect of well-being, as well as an overall outcome. This information and scores are then used to identify appropriate areas of support required to build upon a resident’s attributes, skills and abilities to enable their participation in meaningful and purposeful activities as part of their retirement lifestyle.

Through this self-reporting measure, the Hawthorns staff can identify key areas of a resident’s life that they either wish to continue with or change, to increase their well-being levels. Our new objective for our residents could now be happier, fitter and healthier – for longer!

HAW Well-being

Live Life Well

Never a truer word has been said. All the activities you choose to partake in contribute in some way to your health and well-being. Social and physical activities help you to get the most out of life, to maintain your chosen lifestyle and ultimately support your independence in retirement.

How we choose to spend our time will depend on our own individual interests and preferences and the lifestyle we wish to lead. Well-being can be enhanced by taking part in a range of activities that help us to be physically active, mentally stimulated and socially connected.  At the Hawthorns, you will find recreational activities and social events that support all these outcomes and don’t be surprised to find us joining in too!

Be Active

Whether it is Pilates or some Tai Chi on the lawn, there is always the opportunity to let off some steam. Gentle exercise amongst friends is great fun and if that isn’t your cup of tea, there is always the opportunity for a brisk walk in the surrounding countryside. Others residents choose to do some gardening, while others have chosen conservation volunteering at a local wildlife site or a spot of golf!

Of course being active requires that our bodies are well fed and our chefs work to support you with deliciously nutritious, well-balanced dining, whilst not forgetting that treating yourself to a glass of wine or a home-made cake goes a long way too!

Try Something New

Being inspired and maintaining interests helps you settle easily with those around you and make new friends. You will be surprised how many hobbyists we have and how many people share in their interests. We hope to feed your interests too by inviting into our homes experts or interest groups from around the surrounding area.

At the Hawthorns, you can engage in a favourite pastime or perhaps discover your hidden talents by trying something different, learn a new skill or teach someone something you are good at.

Stay Connected

Spending time with friends and loved ones helps to keep you connected to your past and present, invite friends or family to join in any Hawthorns events, they are all welcome, social engagements and community events are open to all. Our retirement villages are at the centre of their respective communities, groups come and go all the time, as do friends and family of course.

Private dining is available for any special celebration, our team of chefs are happy to cater for all occasions and to make a bit of fuss! It is important to celebrate and there is much of this in all our communities.

Some of our residents enjoy volunteering in the community or helping with at a local charity, it helps them feel connected.

We encourage everyone to stay connected and have even installed public area access Wi-Fi to assist everyone who wishes to stay in contact through the internet and our Facebook is updated regularly so that friends and family can see what we are getting up to.