The Hawthorns Braintree, Essex

The Hawthorns Braintree Get Involved with BBC All Hail Kale!

Last year The Hawthorns Braintree was approached by the BBC to join in with their series ‘All Hail Kale’. One of the podcasts in their series was to include a discussion with the senior generation on their feelings on non-dairy products in today’s society. As many grew up with pure dairy, they expected some strong opinions!

Reporter Tim Samuels visited us and interviewed five of our chatty residents as they tasted non-dairy products, including milk and cheeses, and shared their thoughts. Here is the interview for your listening pleasure:

Go to 16:45 to hear our residents John, Joe, Phyllis, Marion and Rhoda giving their thoughts!

Thanks again to Tim Samuels and our residents for taking part and sharing their views! We all had plenty of fun doing the interview!

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