The Hawthorns Braintree, The Hawthorns Braintree, Essex

Why Wait?- The Hawthorns Braintree

“I came to The Hawthorns Braintree for a short trial stay last year after it was recommended by one of my friends that already lives here. I enjoyed it so much, that I decided to move here permanently.

Despite it being lockdown, the move was easy and smooth, and I have settled in very well! I still manage to play doorstep bingo and go
for lovely walks around the beautiful garden settings here.

All of the cooking and cleaning is done for you, I have made new friends, the staff are lovely, and I have my own large airy apartment. So why wait?”

Irene Symonds, The Hawthorns Braintree resident


“I am so pleased I made the decision to live at The Hawthorns. I feel safe and can always find somebody to talk to and join in the activities provided. The food is very good and made more enjoyable because I don’t have to be involved in the preparation or the general service. The staff are very helpful without being patronising, you will not be disappointed if you come to live here.”

Carol Harnwell, The Hawthorns Braintree resident

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