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The Hawthorns Clevedon, Somerset

Twilight At The Hawthorns

We recently had the pleasure of Mr Richard Plowman stay at our retirement community on the coast here in Clevedon, and didn’t realise that we had a poet in our midst! Richard was with us as a trial stay for one month and was a great addition to the residents’ group here, thoroughly enjoying his stay, so much so that he composed the following poem for us. We think it’s fantastic – so thank you Richard! We look forward to seeing you again in the not too distant future!

Twilight At The Hawthorns

The twilight years at Hawthorns
A wonder to behold!
A home for those of senior years,
Experienced, not old.
Each & everyone here,
With stories to be told.
Not maudlin or depressing,
But full of joy, and bold!

I never will forget this place
And friendships that I’ve found.
I came here feeling rather low,
But here, I can’t feel down.
There’s laughter, chat & banter,
And tales to astound.
Some are fun and whimsical,
Others, quite profound.

But what I see here most of all
Is how the human soul
Of all these lovely people
Despite the rigmarole
Of aging and its problems,
Can rise above it all,
And make the lives of others here
So worthwhile and whole.

I’d better not forget the staff.
From manager to maid
(…So sorry if that’s not “PC”,
I’m old-school I’m afraid!).
All of them are excellent
And always there to aid
Anyone who’s needing help,
Or maybe feels afraid.

So, one day I’ll be back here,
Knowing that I’ll find
A home that’s always welcoming
Genuine and kind.
Before then, I will visit,
I’m sure to find the time
To call in at The Hawthorns,
The pleasure will be mine!

By Richard Plowman, May 2019

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