The Hawthorns Northampton, Northamptonshire

The Hawthorns Host Fantasy Fashion Show

Devised by the talented designer and seamstress Rima Kirday, The Hawthorns Northampton Fantasy Fashion Show came to life on Thursday 25th November to raise awareness around sustainable and conscientious fashion. Sustainable fashion refers to clothing that is designed, manufactured, distributed and used in environmentally friendly ways.  

14 residents from The Hawthorns volunteered to take part in the show and were certainly dressed to impress! Each costume symbolised a different characteristic of sustainable clothing and was created from purely recycled materials, clothes residents already owned or that had been previously donated to The Hawthorns. Rima explains, “Some of the garments you will see have been reconstructed to give the piece a new lease of life. I wanted to showcase residents in elegant costumes too, to make them feel recognised.” 

Resident Owen, who has been a resident at the Hawthorns in Northampton for the past three years, and participated in the show, told us, “I wanted to get involved in the fashion show because I’ve seen one here before, and it was a lot of fun.” Resident Anne added, “I wanted to get involved in making people happy. Hopefully, they all enjoyed it.” 

Hosting the show was The Hawthorns’ General Manager, Sarah Lou Haskins, who welcomed fellow residents and guests of the service with prosecco. She said, “It was a pleasure to be involved and also see first-hand the care, attention to detail and the fun had by those taking part and, of course, everyone who took the time to support. We are all excited to see what we can create next time.” 


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