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The Hawthorns Clevedon

The Hawthorns Clevedon Get into the Swing

The annual Hawthorns Clevedon golf tournament came to a close this month, with residents Barbara, Desmond and Josie crowned winners.

The avid golfers have been spending time practising at the Hawthorns over the summer, having access to golf equipment and the 9-hole putting ground on site. When the weather didn’t permit, the teams were able to practice inside too, using indoor putting holes.

On her win, Josie commented, “It was great fun, and we knew we would win it all from the start, as we had the amazing Des in our team!” At 102, Resident Desmond is renowned at the Hawthorns for being unbeatable in Snooker and Golf and was an asset to the team.

Congratulations to the winners, and we look forward to next year’s tournament.

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