Sherrie Hewson Visits The Hawthorns Clevedon Smiles Residents Photo Selfie banner hero
The Hawthorns Clevedon, Somerset

Sherrie Hewson Comes to Clevedon

On Friday 23rd November, we had the pleasure of welcoming Hawthorns Ambassador, stage and TV actress Sherrie Hewson, to our Open Morning held in The Hawthorns Clevedon‘s atrium café.

Sherrie was introduced to all residents by Manager Tim Somer and spent time with them and their guests chatting about the Hawthorns and how retirement living was such a great choice. Sherrie also enjoyed a variety of delicious homemade scones and sponge cakes that were available throughout the event.

We also invited members of the Clevedon Pier Group to the Open Morning. They spoke with residents and guests about how to become a volunteer and informed Sherrie of our sponsorship of Clevedon Pier as well as the Hawthorns involvement over the last twenty years.

Manager Tim Somer said, “Sherie was fantastic and really listened to what the residents had to say, taking a real interest in what Hawthorns retirement means to them and the services that we offer. She is a great ambassador and we really look forward to welcoming Sherie back down to the coast and seeing her again.”

Sherrie will also be visiting The Hawthorns Braintree in the New Year.

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