The Hawthorns Northampton

Let’s Meet Rima Kirday

Rima Kirday, an interior designer at The Hawthorns Northampton, focuses on clothing. Since she was ten years old, Rima has been passionate about beauty, fashion, fabrics, and everything in between. It was in her home country of Lithuania that Rima achieved a degree in Fashion Design and Art. The first garment she ever made was a skirt for her mother; Rima would often ask for unused clothes to transform them into her own creations, to the delight of her family. “Sustainable is not a new world to me”, she confirmed. At an early stage, Rima recognised her passion for designing, as her classmates and friends would often admire her unique designs. “Everyone wants to look and to feel good. And I enjoy helping people achieve just that.”

Beyond her degree, venturing into other avenues in art and design, Rima designs floral bouquets and uses her skill in calligraphy to write greetings cards. Clothing, however, has always been the number one priority. Rima has many inspirations behind her designs, but namely nature, architecture and art inspire her creations. On her work, Rima says, “The colours and textures of the natural world and natural materials provide me with my motivation, as well as the shapes and forms of both natural and man-made structures.” Valuing the relationships she forms with her clients, Rima ensures that every project is functional and beautiful at every step of the process.

Her most recent project – a Scandinavian new build in Milton Keynes – comprises a three-storey property with four bedrooms, covers everything from hard finishes, lighting and bedroom designs, furniture, window dressings, and accessories. Rima has designed clothing for friends and clients, running her own business in Lithuania for 10 years. Still, her most significant challenge to date was designing an Empire-style wedding reception dress. Decorated with a geometrical waved belt with a metal buckle, the bronze and slate grey pure silk Mikado creation conveys an impression of extravagance, authority, but most importantly, individuality, “Everyone wants to look and to feel good. And I enjoy helping people achieve just that.”

Amongst her other titles – natural fabric and colour consultant – Rima exudes a wealth of knowledge and expertise in every piece of work she embarks upon. The ethos of natural, healthy, and sustainable has been at the forefront of Rima’s designs for 30 years. After 15 years living in the UK with her two daughters, who are her models and inspirations in life, Rima now spends her time working as an interior designer at The Hawthorns Northampton, where her relationships with residents and staff have created a positive atmosphere to work within. She says, “I feel privileged to work at The Hawthorns. It’s a place where you can meet generous, intelligent, talented people, motivating me and my work. It’s here where I focus on clothing and interior design.”

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