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The Hawthorns Clevedon, Somerset

Hawthorns Clevedon Proudly Sponsor Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club Tournament

Staff and residents at the Hawthorns Clevedon were delighted to sponsor the Annual Ladies Triples Tournament on 12th July at Clevedon Promenade Bowls Club. Having built a strong community link with the club, residents were thrilled to watch the tournament, and Aggie Jasinski, Customer Services Manager at the Hawthorns Clevedon, had the pleasure of congratulating the winning teams and presenting their prizes.

Aggie said, “A heartfelt congratulations to all the talented ladies who participated, showcasing your skills and team spirit. We were impressed by your dedication and passion for the game. We would also like to thank Pam Soper, President of the Clevedon Promenade Bowls Club, for your warm hospitality, which made the day even more enjoyable. We are looking forward to next year’s tournament!”

Aggie will also welcome the winning team for lunch in the private dining room at the Hawthorns Clevedon, followed by a tour of the unique facilities at the friendly retirement living community.

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Aggie and Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club Members

Aggie and Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club Member

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