Why buy when you can rent


“It's lovely not having to worry about paying the bills or doing any housework. I came here and it's all provided for me, I have not got to worry about getting to the shops - although I could go every morning (on the private coach) if I wanted to. The only thing I have to pay is my private telephone bill.”

Braintree Resident

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  • Retire with style at The Hawthorns
  • Retire with style at The Hawthorns
  • Retire with style at The Hawthorns
  • Retire with style at The Hawthorns

Arthur to bring back music hall memories at The Hawthorns

79-year-old Arthur Brooks is set to entertain residents and guests at the Hawthorns retirement home in Braintree.

RESIDENTS and guests at a Braintree retirement complex are set to be entertained by a Chelmsford music hall aficionado whose talks during the past ten years have raised more than £14,000 for local charities.

79-year-old Arthur Brooks, who moved to Springfield, Chelmsford in 1960, has always had a passion for old time music hall. Ten years ago he was asked by a Chelmsford community radio station to do some presenting. He talked about music hall and afterwards received a phone call from the British Legion asking him if he would be prepared to do a talk for their members. It was to be the first of some 450 such talks.

The next will be on April 22 at The Hawthorns at Meadow Park, a development which offers residents a unique retirement lifestyle involving renting rather than buying their apartment, with the fixed rental including all meals, bills, entertainment and excursions.

"I don't charge for my talks but invite people to make a donation if they wish, which I then share out among six local charities. My talk takes people through the history of music hall from its origins in the 1850s through to the start of the Second World War. I intersperse the talk with music and audiences nearly always join in with a bit of singing. Some songs, such as A Little Of what You Fancy Does You Good, It's A Long Way to Tipperary and Don't Dilly Dally On The Way always get people singing along.

"It's a fascinating topic because it's such an integral part of this country's social history and it brings back so many memories for people," said Arthur.

Anyone who would like to enjoy the afternoon talk on April 22 can book their place by calling The Hawthorns on: 01376 335500.