Why buy when you can rent


“My aunt loves her apartment, which is really bright and sunny. The quality of life here is tremendous. She has made a number of friends and very much enjoys the social aspect. It is perfect for her.”

Niece of a Clevedon Resident


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  • Retire with style at The Hawthorns
  • Retire with style at The Hawthorns
  • Retire with style at The Hawthorns
  • Retire with style at The Hawthorns

The Hawthorns –where summer nights last all year

THE Hawthorns retirement complex in Carew Road, Eastbourne, is one of the sponsors of a special open-air screening in Devonshire Park of the classical musical Grease on August 31.

The legendary singalong musical is 35 years old this summer – and most of its cast including Olivia Newton John and John Travolta are now at an age when they could be considering their retirement living options.

Kiki Grigat, Manager at The Hawthorns, said: “We believe life at The Hawthorns is not unlike life in Grease – full of fun, good companionship and characters, where the pleasure of summer nights lasts all year. Whilst we’d be surprised to see Olivia Newton John or John Travolta walk through our doors, it makes you stop and think at how quickly time flies by when you realise the cast of Grease are largely now at or close to retirement age. Where does the time go!”

The Hawthorns offers you continued independent living, none of the worries of home ownership and total flexibility to change your lifestyle at a month’s notice should circumstances dictate. All this is achieved by renting your retirement home at The Hawthorns.

Your monthly rental includes all your many monthly expenses including all your meals and snacks, utility bills, housekeeping, maintenance – even a free mini-bus to take you to the shops and back. If you sit down and calculate what you are spending on all those items living in your own home, the rental fees appears very reasonable indeed. 

Residents enjoy to the full the many benefits of renting, namely:

  • The freedom to live in new areas or change accommodation as desired
  • The ability to easily move closer to friends or family members
  • A lifestyle free from property and ground maintenance and the stress of everyday bills
  • Enjoying the benefits of quality accommodation more suited to their needs with live-in managers.

To find out more about this great lifestyle, call 01323 640088.