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“It's lovely not having to worry about paying the bills or doing any housework. I came here and it's all provided for me, I have not got to worry about getting to the shops - although I could go every morning (on the private coach) if I wanted to. The only thing I have to pay is my private telephone bill.”

Braintree Resident

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  • Retire with style at The Hawthorns
  • Retire with style at The Hawthorns
  • Retire with style at The Hawthorns
  • Retire with style at The Hawthorns

A Warm Welcome

A Warm welcome awaits you at The Hawthorns"You ought to think about it very carefully. You don't want to go into one of those places," said a concerned friend when I mentioned that I was considering moving into The Hawthorns Retirement Home in the near future. I have to say that any place less like 'one of those places' than The Hawthorns would be extremely hard to find. It really is a totally different concept of retirement home living here.

"At first, of course, I was rather dubious about it all. Giving up my home would not be easy to accept. However, after much thought I finally made the big decision to move. I did have a number of doubts and misgivings about the whole thing and questions raced around continually in my head. What would it be like living more-or-less communally in such a large, albeit lovely, establishment? Would I settle in well? Would I make friends easily? All these worries faded rapidly on moving day when I was warmly welcomed by members of the retirement home Management Team and staff.

"Later, I met my table companions, to whom I was introduced in the spacious dining room and again, my fears were quickly dispelled. Everyone was very helpful, answering my many queries about The Hawthorns luxury retirement communities daily routines and activities available for those who wished to join, or not, just as one decided.

"My lifestyle here in my new home is one of trouble free secure comfort, and I have many friends and acquaintances with whom I can always be sure of some lively conversation, or a little chat. One of those places? Definitely not – not The Hawthorns. This is one of those special places."

Mr Pither, one of our residents

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

"I was shown into a large dining room buzzing with a meal in progress. Neatly uniformed waitresses glided around the tables, which were alive with chatter and the rattle of crockery and cutlery. We reached a table occupied by two men; one was a retired army officer and the other a retired engineer.

"After being introduced we were soon exchanging stories from our past adventures, and we became good friends.

"The remaining seat on our table of four soon gained a new permanent member and one of the original two left for Canada to get married!

"Now we solve the world's problems each day, meals come in for much discussion and a pot of tea will smooth our troubles away – if we had any troubles!

"Well fed, we wander off to watch our favourite TV show or join in the evening activities, secure in the knowledge that we are safe and well in our lovely retirement home."

George Westley, one of our residents


Dear Diary...


Dear Diary,

Today I moved. Despite knowing how lovely The Hawthorns Retirement Home is, I actually found myself feeling saddened and scared of moving from the house which holds so many happy memories for me.

I arrived at The Hawthorns just before lunch. The managers showed me to my table, where I was introduced to three ladies who were awaiting my arrival. The ladies were very friendly and answered my many questions. They have also invited me to play bridge with them this afternoon.

Lunch was delicious and afterwards I went back to my apartment. The removal men had moved in my furniture and I felt relieved; relieved that I was able to bring so much of my own furniture and personal items. Already my spacious apartment was beginning to feel less like a retirement home, and more like my own home.

This afternoon I joined my table companions for a game of bridge and then popped into the coffee lounge. I must have picked the busiest time to go, but was able to meet a lot of lovely people and I feel hopeful that I will make many friends here. One of my new friends showed me the sign-up sheet for the bus trips and I'm going with her to Bowood Gardens tomorrow. I should stay at home and unpack fully, but what's the rush?

Supper was a lighter meal, which was lucky, because I was still fairly full from lunch. Having a quiet night tonight, but there appears to be plenty to do in the evenings for the rest of the week, so an early evening might be rare.


A Warm welcome awaits you at The Hawthorns

Dear Diary,

Nearly overslept this morning. I guess that means I'm comfortable here.

Went down for breakfast and decided to treat myself to a full cooked English breakfast with hash browns. Probably won't have that every morning. There is a lot of choice here with fruit juice, cereal, fruit, yoghurt and toast, but this morning I thought I'd be a devil! It filled me up for my day trip out.

Bowood is a lovely place. We arrived there in The Hawthorns' luxury coach. About twenty of us went. We didn't all stay together, but I stayed with the friends that I made yesterday, and we met up with a few residents I didn't know for lunch.

Quite coincidentally, one of the ladies I was talking to actually lived near me several years back and, although I don't think we've met before, we soon found we had a lot in common and plenty to talk about.

We returned home in time for supper. One of my new friends went to play chess whilst I joined some other residents in the activity room to watch a film called Chocolat. It was most enjoyable. Although I could watch TV in my apartment if I wished, I am enjoying the company of others. I feel like I am fitting in well.



Dear Diary,

Sorry I neglected you yesterday, but I have been pretty busy! Yesterday I went to a yoga class which a resident had organised. I had a good time and met some more extremely friendly people, several of whom have an apartment near mine or sit close to me in the dining room.

I'm just getting ready to attend a Candle-Lit Supper. I was invited to one of these before I chose to move in; they are delightful affairs. The dining room looks even more wonderful than normal, with candles and special tablecloths. Last time we had some wonderful entertainment and I am confident that tonight will be just as good. I have invited my daughter, her husband and my grandchild down, so it will give me the perfect excuse to show off my new home to them.

Better go down to the foyer now, the pre-dinner reception is about to begin.


Dear Diary,

Well, last night was magnificent! We had salmon canapés for starters, steak in a lovely sauce with vegetables as a main course, and for dessert we had a crème brulee. The entertainment was provided by a local band that played some lively music both during and after supper.

My family were very impressed, not only because the supper was so special, but also because my retirement home apartment, which my daughter had seen prior to me moving in, is already looking like home.

Today was lovely as I invited a friend, Lynn, over for lunch. The Managers have made sure that I am aware that The Hawthorns is my home and that my guests are always welcome. Lynn came up to my apartment, where we enjoyed a nice morning coffee. I told her all about The Hawthorns. She was most impressed by the gardens. Then, we went out for a quick game on the 9-hole putting green before lunch [Clevedon only]. I am not much of a golfer, but it was good fun.

Lunch was a traditional Sunday Lunch: roast lamb with all the trimmings. It was most enjoyable and impressed Lynn greatly. I'm sure she'll go away and tell others what a lovely home I have.

This afternoon there will be a Murder Mystery Party. One of my table companions is taking part and I'm told there is always an audience of a good size, so I think I will go along and watch. I can't believe it is Sunday already! The days don't drag here because there is always something to do.

Meal times are sociable, the coffee lounge is always welcoming and the activities keep us all busy. Of course, the activities are optional and you can be as busy as you like but my whole motivation for moving in was to be around more people since the death of my husband. I already feel that I have made the right choice by coming here and I am ready to enjoy my new life. This is how luxury retirement communities should be.